Update on Toby

God is Good! He is so good y'all. He has met our every need, he has wrapped his arms around my family and blessed us in the good and hard times. He has laid his hand on my boy and protected him every step. 

Thank you all for the prayers and love you have sent my family's way last night and today. I can't believe how many of you have sent encouraging verses and words of love. This morning as I woke I felt the Lord's love on us, my heart was still grieving the process but I felt at peace with whatever was going to go down at Toby's appointment (I was prepared for the worse if you are a nurse you will understand). 

Toby's oncologist gave us good news! Two of them saw him and both believe it is a lymph node that has inflamed related to an infection or bug bite on Toby's head/scalp or neck region that occurred. They stated that the lymph node just feels hard in that one area as sometimes they can "get stuck" and fibrosis like and then can take several months or more to go back down to normal. They do not believe Toby has a new tumor site which is such good news!!! My heart is so happy and God well I can't tell you how good He is! Praise the Lord for his good works, Praise the Lord Oh my soul, my heart is so full of joy!

What does this mean for now? Toby usually gets a MRI every 6 months, so just to be safe we are having his bumped up to this month (he was due up in August for one). Toby will first have a skeletal survey of x-rays which means it will be long and he will have to sit still for a long time this Thursday before they will proceed with MRI! Please keep praying for him to cooperate with that as it will be long day for him again. 

I just wanted all y'all that have been fervently praying over my son that God heard your cries and as a mom I can't tell you how much I love each one of you! Thank You!

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