Just Dance

There are days in motherhood when it just seems that, well you are barely hanging on. Days when the whines of children echo the halls and it seems never ending. Days where it appears both your kids have teamed up against you in some inside joke that you missed. 

I'm sure you nodded at least to one of these types of days where you are in full agreement with me. I see you nodding...don't lie!

Yes, some days motherhood is tough... let me rephrase... that motherhood is tough period. As a mom some days can leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone in the journey. Even if you have neighbors right beside you everywhere! 

Today, well today was a difficult day. I had things I wanted to do and accomplish. Like hit the gym, run errands, go to the playground, yet my youngest son was not about it. At his brother's swim lesson he whined and screamed because he wasn't able to play in pool  (he just turned 1 and attempted to jump on in) and even sitting on the side didn't make him happy, he clearly needed a nap that we missed because of the swim lesson. So we headed back home for naps. Yes, you would think naps would help but he awoke whiny just the same.

My oldest, well he has a little me in him. He can be strong willed at times and today was no other. He battled me to open his brothers birthday present (while his brother was asleep), he battled me at nap time, over what was on his breakfast and lunch plate, and I'm sure another battle still awaits yet bedtime is so soon!!!

It's on these days where I feel the boys completely are losing it and nothing seems to be headed where I want it, that I know we need a change in direction this my friends is when the music comes on. Yes, some days amide all the craziness you have faced you just have to turn on the music and have a dance party.

Trust me! Dancing with your kids is rejuvenating! Watching your little's dance around in pure delight while you join in, makes my heart happy and puts me in a better mood and place mentally. It often helps my kids too!

So when you think you just can't bear the day anymore and you need a change in mood, turn the music up and DANCE! I sure did!

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