To my dear 2 year old son

You are an amazing little boy! You are full of life, joy, and tons of energy. I love you for this. I love to watch you play in the sandbox with your dump truck making "beep beep beep" noises signifying it backing up and then dumping its load. You are so full of curiosity and often ask "mommy what's that?" multiple times a day. 

I love how you have to look at and figure out how something works, from a chair in the doctor's office to your cars that automatically go. It often makes me wonder what you will be when you are older. 

You and I share personalities which makes us often bump heads and you clearly are a 4th of July independent child, as your personality already shows your independence. You are strong willed and some days we often battle all day, then have to come and ask forgiveness and pray together. Although this can be a weakness it can also be a strength and my prayer is that you use it for good. You are a fighter through and through from battling through chemo in your early years of life, to battling me now over naps and toys. 

You are compassionate and loving! Your hugs and kisses melt my heart. From your cries for mommy in the morning to your cuddles and hugs in times of need. Yes, these moments I treasure and store them away as I know they will soon go away! 

My prayer to you my dear handsome son is that on days like today when you drive me to my end, that no matter what, I want you to know how much I love you and how much I care!

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