Ah hah moments

So everyone has one of those moments where your speaking and a light bulb goes off, you know in a cartoon an actually light bulb pops up over the character's head. Some people call it a epiphany, some like me just call it an ah hah moment. Yes, these at times can leave me feeling like I struck gold and in this case make me feel humbled by our Savior. 

This week that ah hah moment came as I was rambling on to a friend about how frustrated I was with Toby. I was telling her that no matter what discipline I have used Toby continues to do this said behavior, and how I see a heart issue but well how can one make a 2 year old understand that. You know those times where you sitting him down and are like "hey bud, I really think you have a problem with jealousy" and he looks at you wide eyed and stares off into space because let's be honest he has no clue what I'm talking about and then gets distracted. 

Well as I was telling her this I was humbled as I began to picture my own sin and how in my past sins, and ones that I currently am battling I can just see Jesus being like come on Lindsey, didn't I just tell you not to do that. Yes, a little humbling to say the least but instead of getting frustrated and angry and throw his hands up in the air like I feel like some days I do let's be honest. He welcomes me with arms open, showing me the true meaning of Grace and Love. This thought this week brought me to tears a little, as I quickly thanked the Lord for this picture of grace and the reminder that we are to be like him. I found instead of being offended that Toby wasn't obeying that day I was brought back to my own sin and how if I wanted to be like Christ I need to show grace to Toby and show him what forgiveness and love look like. My prayer is that through my weakness in parenting, and so many other areas that my kids and family see God's grace and His Glory. I pray that this also encourages you in some way today or this week. You see we can't change anyone but ourselves we can only strive to be like a Christ and pray His a glory is displayed. 

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