Family Time

Good Morning Friends & Family,

I hope you all are enjoying the three day weekend that most people got. We have been able to spend time together the last few days and has been a great time to hang out as a family and also has taught us where we need to learn to extend a little grace! Our little man had his 8th round of chemo and did well, he just loves Beth & Kelly and always has a grin on his face when he sees them, although I don't think he likes the needle part :(

Toby has been growing a lot and is now attempting to crawl but he likes to stand much better. He has got himself up into plank(push-up) position and able to bring that one leg under him then attempts to pull his second leg under him and tumbles over. You can tell he definitely gets frustrated at times but he loves to grab mom & dad's hands and pull himself up into a standing position. Time has gone by so fast these last 6 1/2 months, it is hard to believe that at 2 weeks old is when all the scans, procedures and testing started with out little man. It seems so long ago but we have taken it day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Many people have asked how we are doing? Jason and I are holding in there and learning to trust and walk by faith like we have been commanded. Some days are harder than others depending on what test is next or if Toby is just having an off day (which many parents relate to because what baby hasn't been super cranky) and being super cranky and you have no idea why. I think that is the hardest part for us because of his unique situation, is he cranky because he cutting teeth, or in pain from the tumors or nausea from the chemo??? These are hard days because it makes you realize just what little man is going through. So all we are left to do is come to our Father in prayer and ask that he continues to heal Toby and also that whatever is causing him pain that it will subside. As Matthew 21:22 says, "and whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith."

We are almost half-way through the chemo pathway first put out for Toby and we will find out at week 18 when another MRI is done what we will be up to next, we do understand that another treatment round might be in the plans for us but we trust that God is at work in us, and his healing hand is on display! We will continue to walk this unknown path that God has laid before us, I know that some days we will be frustrated, angry, and upset because we are sinful in nature and want to know why us and why our son? But God has given us a peace that surpasses all understanding and has blessed us time and time again as we continue to walk down this path with Toby, that the we want his name to be praised.

My prayer today is that whatever you struggle with or ask questions of why? that you have faith to turn them over to Christ this morning!  Love you guys, thank you for the continual prayers!

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