3rd MRI...Tough little guy!

Good Morning,

Hello my dear friends and family! As I mentioned in previous post Toby had his 3rd follow-up MRI yesterday and He turned 6 month old on Saturday (really can't believe he is half way to 1). This is the first MRI he has received since chemo started in November. It was a long day for our little family yesterday as the day began at 9am at Children's National Hospital and ended around 4pm yesterday night. It was very emotionally & physically exhausting not just for Jason and I but for our little man.

The day started with lab draws in oncology, then Toby went for MRI and full body x-rays (which he was under sedation) these lasted about 4 hours, then back to oncology to have a follow up appointment and 6th round of chemo. We did receive a preliminary report from MRI and x-rays which show no new tumors and some of the others have shrunk in size, the tumors on his bones really haven't changed much but this was expected as it takes much longer for bone to heal rather than tissue. Although these days are hard to face God has always meet Jason and I through these days. Yesterday we received a card and gift from our Clemson Family that came at the right time to encourage our hearts (WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU GUYS...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). It brought me to tears just how perfect the timing of receiving that card was to us, and also to receive a wonderful note of encouragement from a friend in Chicago area the night before.  If you call upon the Lord, he will answer your prayers! (Psalm 18:6) Even when you cry out you don't always get the answer you are looking for but sometimes the answer comes through words of encouragement telling you that although this is a time to wait that God is with you. 

On another note Toby is 6 months old! Can you believe that, man has time flown by fast. He is now eating puree foods, sitting up by himself, and rolling over to his stomach (which he has started to prefer). He continues to bring much joy to Jason and my heart and his grandparents and extended family. Toby most of the time has a smile on his face and that smile is enough to just melt you and give in a majority of the time (speaking on behalf of his grandparents....haha). Motherhood though itself has been full of adventures so far, some days are much harder than others and other days it is loads of fun. After speaking to several of my friends the last couple days who seem worn out and tired a note of encouragement... First, my new favorite author, Sally Mae said it best "Day in and day out we give ourselves to our children and it's a privilege to do so...but when we choose to give them the best of ourselves, we will need a break, or WE WILL BREAK" (Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson, Desperate: Hope for the Mom who Needs to Breathe, pg 84). Secondly, when you find yourself struggling, STOP and call me (SERIOUSLY) or somebody to just talk it out, it really does help! Thirdly, remember that God is a God of GRACE, he will not give you more than you can handle! I Love you guys and really want you to see how amazing God is even in the midst of the raging storm he truly is there. 

My prayers for all those mother's our there who are in that storm right now is that God would give you guys peace this today, just a moment of silence, a break, that will give you a moment to reflect on Him and also for strength to make it through this crazy week of life that is also freezing cold (brrr!!).

I will leave you with this:

Hebrews 4:16- Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of need". 

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