Love Family & Holiday Season

Hello Friends,

What a joy it has been to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends so far and Christmas is still a week away! Poppa, Gigi, & Aunt Lauren got to come play for a long weekend and Aunt Lauren is here until tomorrow. HOORAY!!
We just love family! We have such a great support system with everything going on and they have been there by Jason and my side to help with Toby. Saturday night we got to go out as a family for Toby's first adventure to meet Santa and then dinner afterwards. Toby has loved all the attention let me tell you, it might be hard to get him back on track after all the attention he has been receiving! (Um poppa). My mother and my sister have definitely been a big help while here from helping clean house, wrap presents, shop, bake cookies for holiday parties upcoming this week, and watching Tobster so I could rest, thank you ladies! They have helped eased my burden and help me not feel so overwhelmed with everything going on and things I need to get done this week.

Speaking of the holiday season, what a great time to reflect on everything. The Christmas story of Christ always brings me back to what is important. In Luke 1:26-56, Mary is told that she will carry the Son of Christ. Just pause for a moment and think about that and her reaction. Doing this makes me think wow what a brave and strong woman! Think about it in those days a woman would be stoned to death if she was found to be pregnant outside of marriage or breaking the promise of her betrothal, you have to know that thoughts of this ran through her head at one point as she wasn't married to Joseph yet, and who would believe that one miracously conceived a child and angel told her this. I'm sure people laughed at her and even doubted her but Joseph stood beside her, what a great role model of leadership for Joseph. You have to imagine that he too was probably harrassed, mocked, and even condemned for this but he stood his ground and took Mary to be his wife! Put yourself in their shoes or sandals (haha) for one moment would you believe? I know I would have my fears and worries yet Mary and Jospeh trusted fully on Christ! The story isn't as glamorous as one makes it I know I would have hurled sleeping in a stable and then giving birth there with animal ding all around me (I know my senses were heighten when I was pregnant, can you imagine?). Then our Savior who everyone was expecting to come in glory and majesty was born into dirty stable and wrapped in a cloth that also was probably dirty not some purple robe or knitted blanket and then placed in a manager where animals ate from. Definitely not sanitary by any means. This picture of humility is exactly why I love Christmas because the truth is at this point in time over 2000 years ago a little boy was born who changed the world!!

This same little boy grew up and sacrificed everything for my account and is now who I fully lean on today as Jason and I walk this path with everything going on with Toby. As Mary stated in her prayer after finding out the news, Luke 1:52 " ...he has brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate".  My prayer and I know Jason's is that we never forget the true meaning of Christmas and that when Toby is older and able to understand these things that he see's us both living out what we know and have learned from this Savior, Jesus. So I encourage you to take time amidst all the shopping, baking, parties, decorating, and craziness that this season brings to reflect and take time to truly read the Christmas Story!

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